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Jensen Interceptor (1966 - 1976), SP and  FF and Coupe Brochure Index

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(yes I know, the FF is a separate beast to those that own one but Jensen tended to put them together into the same literature!)

Also see 'How we Make It' for an Interceptor Mk II Poster

An Interceptor that never made it - the P66 prototype of 1965 Jensen FF - a 1965 preliminary brochure for one that never made it to production

First Interceptor colour Brochure of 1966

Interceptor/FF Mk I Brochure of 1967

Interceptor/FF Mk I colour Brochure of 1968

MKI Interceptor/FF Brochure (1968)

6 page Interceptor II /FF II colour folder from 1970

Interceptor Mk II USA Flyer of 1970

1971 US Press Release for the Interceptor III

1973 folding flysheet for Interceptor III and SP

Interceptor Mk III Color Selection Chart ca 1972/73 - A4 card folder

Jensen Interceptor Convertible 1974

Interceptor MKIII (1975 - US Spec)

1974 Flysheet for all models except FF 1973 Flysheet for Interceptor III and Jensen Healey

Interceptor Convertible press photos - not for publication before March 22nd 1974

Full 1974 Interceptor J Series Brochure (embossed card cover) (USA print)

B/W Coupe leaflet from 1975 - issued by the receivers shortly after their appointment. The quality really is this poor...