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Last updated 10th May 2001

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Jensen Cars Homepage Your main non-commercial Jensen website

And there is a Mailing List - Hugh Capper says it all 'The Jensen-cars mailing list is a great way to keep current with Jensen information and activities, not to mention solve your Jensen issues and share in the Jensen community. Joining is free. Just send an email message to from the address you want to receive messages. That's it. See you on Jensen-cars.'

There's also a very outdated thread based archive of this mailing list. It seems to only span May 1995 to Jan 1997 but is still is a valuable source of info (if you have a slow link, the index page is 560k plus - it really needs splitting into sections to handle easier).  See also Richard Appleyard link below.
The above is part of A Jensen-Healey Home Page 

Resurrection of JENSEN MOTORS LTD - Current news and links on their activities including the S-V8/C-V8 sports car and The Creative Group's Jensen Motors Homepage

And don't forget Richard Calver's Jensen site - Richard is purveyor of the only comprehensive Jensen chassis data book in existence. If you do not have a copy, then get one now (resellers listed on site) and help finance the next updated version! The site is well worth a visit anyway for all the historical information there.

A link to the Jensen-Healey  Parts Manual
Andy Thomas' Car Page - Jensen GT & Interceptor
Association of Jensen Owners (AJO)
Auto Inconues- from Antoine Sanson, a French page about Jensens
Autostyles/Robbins - Jensen Convertible replacement Tops (Healey + Interceptor) 
Berkshire JOC web site Fast loading now and really worth looking at with lots of info and pics
British Masters - used parts for Jensen-Healeys 
Chrysler Central - useful site about Chrysler engines and drivetrain. For instance, the B-Series V8s most Interceptors use
C-V8 Restoration pages - a documented restoration by Derek Chapman (104/2222) 
Doug Meyer's dedicated Jensen Interceptor site - award winning restorations and lots of parts/regalia etc 
Dave Bean Engineering - JH parts 
Dorset Classic Cars - Dutch site owned by Paul Vierhout. Jensen section with cars for sale 
Ed Wright's British Car Repair - Established in 1960 as British Motor Mechanics, San Francisco and relocated to San Rafael in 1972, Ed Wright's British Car Repair has been maintaining and repairing English cars for forty years 
Gabriele's site - he owns a Jensen Healey (changed URL)
H D Rodgers & Sons - parts for Jensens 
Jensen Owners Club (UK JOC online)
Interceptor Mk I for sale (Bo Nilsson)
Jencraft Classic Cars (they also have an Interceptor Mk III wiring diagram online!)  - and I have to put a plug in for Keith Anderson's new book since it has material in it from my collection

Jensen 541 - a page from Rees Bros (Aldershot UK) on a 1958 restored 541 (two very nice pics)
Jensen Car Club of Switzerland
Jensen FF Homepage
Jensen Interceptor Owners Club (JIOC)
Jensen-Healey - Concise history of the Marque
Jensen-Healey -  a Dutch page (in English) with pictures
Jensen GT - a short description and a picture of this rare beast
Jensen-Healey Preservation Society (JHPS)
Jensen Owners Club of Denmark In Dutch language....
Jensen Price Guide - get some idea of what one might cost you (initially!)
Jensen Picture Gallery
Jensen Puzzles
John Cohen 541S info, article, and lots of pictures, also his very special CV8 - plus lots of other interests. This site loads fast and is well worth a visit
Martin Robey Group
High Performance Mopar Back Issues - you might want to look at this mags site as it has 383/440 rebuild articles, TorqueFlite Tune-Up, Alternator rebuild and Interceptor articles in it
The North East Club for Pre-War Austins ( UK) - they also take Jensens!
Pictures of Jensens (an Interceptor MKI 117/3153)
RallyMans homepage - JH with lots of pics
Richard Appleyard Engineering - also Aston Martin and you can also search the Jensen Mailing list archive from here (it's a bit out of date though)
Sports Car World - they stock JH & Lotus spares (see web site) and also have a JH race car built in 78 (pics on site)
Technical advice here - Oil pumps, overheating etc. From Jencraft
The Speedometer Shop - enough said!
The Jensen Club  - another UK club
The Weird and Wacky World of Aussie Jensening and yet another wiring diagram here
Volvos European history page - just a brief mention of Jensen building the P1800 in 1960
Volvo 1800 - picture and a mention of Jensen Motors building them
Ward's Web World - he owns a JH and there are pics of it
Wayne Miller. Wayne has engine rebuild pics and JH brochures, the originalBill of Sale and Warranty, plus a series of letters from the US distributor talking about Jensen's future

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