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Here is a selection of model Jensens I've accumulated over the years. There are others that I do not have but these will get added as I acquire them. If you know of others not mentioned here, please let me know. And if you have any to dispose of, let me know even quicker!

Please note that I cannot supply models. To date there is no model of the Jensen Healey available although the Jensen Mailing list has been discussing making one available for some time, and I also know of a UK model company who are willing to make one available.

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Enco 1/43 Jensen Interceptor Convertible Enco 1/43 Jensen Interceptor Saloon
Enco 1/43 Jensen Interceptor Coupe Enco Jensen FF 1/43
Dinky FF 1/43 'PP Copy' repro of Triang 'Spot On' Jensen 541 1/42
Corgi 'Rocket' and Corgi 'Junior' Interceptors 1/65 Politoys Export FF (marked as 'Jensen Coupe Vignale') 1/43
Politoys Export FF (marked as 'Jensen Coupe Vignale') 1/43 Playart Jensen FF 1/63
Triang 'Spot-On' 541 1/42 Triang 'Spot-On' 541 1/42
Triang 'Spot-On' 541 1/42 Grand Prix Models 1960 541 1/43
The Dinky FF has a number of variations - two are shown, one has a registration number the other doesn't and there are other possible differences such as wheels and also a rare black version. The Spot-On colour variations are believed original. Pathfinder made a Jensen 541R and a C-V8 in 1/43. Enco make kits but not ready-made models any more. Playart made an FF in around 1/63 scale and this is very detailed with an engine (if you see what I mean...).

I have no connection with the following company but you can obtain the Enco models built from original kits to your colour specification from the following mail-order company
Sholto Modelli, 5 Bellmore Court, 33A Canning Road, Croydon, Surry CR0 6QE England. Tel +44 181 656 0695

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