Classic Jensen Screen Saver for Windows (32-bit)

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This Screen Saver has no connection with the recently reformed Jensen Motors Ltd nor is it endorsed by them. All images are taken from original Jensen brochures. The software is provided free and 'as-is' for your personal use and enjoyment only and the Jensen homepage can take no responsibility for any problems that may ensue from using it.
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(taken from 1024 x 768 resolution)

Configuration as default screen saver

Use Windows Control Panel to configure the screen saver.

To set the Classic Jensen Screen Saver as the default screen saver

Note that due to the small preview window size, the scaling is not correct. However, it should actively show what happens as the saver runs.

Select the OK button (not shown) to confirm using this saver as the default after setting the Wait interval.You can change the default settings that come with the installation by using the Settings button.

During the installation, Setup also created a Classic Jensen Screen Saver starter icon on your Desktop. You can use this to start the screen saver at any time! Note that it starts the current screen saver - which might not be this one if you've got fed up with it. Hitting F8 when running will allow you to configure it outside of Control Panel.