Classic Jensen Screen Saver for Windows (32-bit)

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This Screen Saver has no connection with the recently reformed Jensen Motors Ltd nor is it endorsed by them. All images are taken from original Jensen brochures. The software is provided free and 'as-is' for your personal use and enjoyment only and the Jensen homepage can take no responsibility for any problems that may ensue from using it.
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(taken from 1024 x 768 resolution)

Dynamic options/Browser launch (not available under NT)

Firstly, you don't need to use Control Panel to start the saver on demand. Setup conveniently created a shortcut on your desktop to do this. Note that tells Windows to start the current default saver - which might not be this one.

The Classic Jensen Screen Saver allows you to carry out a number of options while it is actually running! To find out what they are (there may be more options if this User Guide is not current), hit F1 while the Saver is running. You'll see this window appear - the saver will not update while it stays visible

Note that all these options involve pressing keys. Make sure you select the correct key - if you hit an unsupported key, the saver will end abruptly since that's what it thinks you want to do! These options only work from the Saver window itself - not from the above window!
F5 and F8 are self-explanatory. Be careful when exiting after using F8 or you may inadvertantly stop the saver and have to wait for it to start again....

Browser launch
Windows can launch your default browser given a URL to send it to. F9 - F12 will start the browser and, using a redirect html file (you'll see this appear initially), point it at the stated URL. However, this will only work if:

No default browser?
If you see an error message saying 'Unable to launch default browser' then you need to consult your browser on-line help or documentation to find out how to set it as a default - this may involve fiddling with the Registry. Please do not ask the Jensen Homepage- the chances are we won't know for your browser and so won't reply. Rumour has it that the latest version of Netscape has dropped defining a default browser.....

With F12, you can define your own URL. Change it to suit what you want and the Saver will remember this whenever you use F12.