Classic Jensen Screen Saver for Windows (32-bit)

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This Screen Saver has no connection with the recently reformed Jensen Motors Ltd nor is it endorsed by them. All images are taken from original Jensen brochures. The software is provided free and 'as-is' for your personal use and enjoyment only and the Jensen homepage can take no responsibility for any problems that may ensue from using it.
Ssaver example screen
(taken from 1024 x 768 resolution display)

Rolling your own images

With the basic screen saver installed and configured, you can add more images at any time. If you want to use those from our selection of pre-defined ones, have a look at Adding more images.
If you want, you can add any image that takes your fancy. However, to get the best results you need to do a little work first. Just adding any old images may not end up looking very nice.

JPEGs only please
Remember - the saver only handles JPEG format images. It cannot handle GIFs (well it can in theory but the licencing to an end user is very complicated for these and we cannnot legally give you the facility). Thus all images must have a file extension of jpg or the saver won't be able to find them.

Firstly, if the images are larger in either direction than the screen saver can handle, it will resize them to fit. This nearly always results in very poor images as the pixels just aren't in the right places any more. To get round this, either uses images that don't need resizing (see below for sizes) or reprocess them

If you have a decent graphics program that can edit JPEG format then you need to resample the images to the correct size. Resampling is not the same as resizing. Correctly done, there is very little difference between the original and smaller resampled image except for possible loss of text readability. Paint Shop Pro (fully working evaluations available) was used for the images we supply - the Image menu has a resample option and it's simply a matter of opening the file, resampling it to the wanted size (preserving the aspect ratio of course) and then resaving (without overwriting the original of course - straight into the directory structure described below would be best).

You may find that if your Image software has a Sharpen command, this will make a big difference to the quality of the picture after resampling (only sharpen it once though).

Where to put the images

Text descriptions
You'll know from the configuration options that the saver supports a text description for each image. These files are simple one line text files (use Notepad or whatever) with exactly the same (case and all) root file name as the jpg file, but with a txt extension. They live in the same directory as the file they describe. There is no enforced length or number of words - if they are too long, they'll run off the top/bottom of the screen and you'll have to shorten them!

Image sizes
The saver uses images that are a maximum of 720 pixels wide or 540 pixels high (whichever is the limiting size).  So, for resolutions of 800 x 600 or higher, these are the sizes to aim for. No larger though in either direction - they'll simply get resized....

If you have VGA (640 x 480) then the above sizes will get rescaled. You need to resample to a maximum of 544 pixels wide or 408 pixels high to avoid resizing.

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