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FX GT V1.0.1

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This Screen Saver has no connection with the recently reformed Jensen Motors Ltd nor is it endorsed by them. All images are taken from original Jensen brochures. The software is provided free and 'as-is' for your personal use and enjoyment only and the Jensen homepage can take no responsibility for any problems that may ensue from using it.
(screens taken from 1024 x 768 resolution display)
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This is the home page of the Classic Jensen Screen Saver for 32-bit Windows. Please come back here often to see what has been updated. If you are linking to the Screen Saver please link to this page and not to anything else - the same applies to Bookmarks. The download and other locations may change without warning.


This screen saver was introduced in response to requests from users who visited the Jensen Cars Brochure web pages. It uses images taken from the range of historical Jensen brochures shown there.

This version runs under 32-bit Windows only.

The installation comes with a User Guide and 20+ default images spread over the Jensen range. Optionally, you can download additional self-extracting archives of between 10 and 20+ images for a specific model or theme. You can choose to run these along with all the others you have downloaded, or just run an individual set. And you can 'roll your own' image sets from instructions we supply.

Downloading the Setup program

Setup for V1.0.1 comes as a self-extracting archive (exe). Select the link below to download to your PC and save to your local disk in a temporary folder. After downloading, run the executable and follow the instructions. After installation, you'll find a shortcut to the User Guide on your desktop (the Guide itself is in in the installation folder). You'll probably need to configure the Saver now to suit your own requirements.

Download the Classic Jensen Screen Saver V1.0.1 Self extracting archive 6.54Mb (HTTP download)

If you have trouble downloading the one large file, here it is in two parts:
Download the Classic Jensen Screen Saver V1.0.1 Self extracting archive (only two images) 4Mb (HTTP download)
Download the Classic Jensen Screen Saver V1.0.1 default images 2.3Mb (HTTP download)
Copy the second file into the same folder you install the first in to and unpack it - it will by default put the images into the installdir/default folder which is the correct location

Upgrades from earlier versions

None currently.

User Guide

A copy of the User Guide comes with the installation - you can find it in the installation folder after setup. Alternatively, you can read it on line now, or download a self-extracting archive.

More Screen Saver Images

There are two ways to add further images. Roll your own or, more easily, add one or more of our Image Archives which will be available soon.

The table below shows available archives, all in self-extracting (exe) format. See the User Guide for details on how to install. The folder column is the suggested folder name for the archive on your PC - the extractor will create this folder by default (you can change it though). So, if you download the file into the Screen Saver installation folder, you just need to run the file to get everything in the correct place.

None currently 0k
Send any comments to Tony at the Screen Saver team

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Welcome Introduction Downloading Setup Upgrades User Guide More Screen Images

© Jensen Cars Homepage 1998

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