<> "-on"
<> "-digest"
<> "-off"

Just to make sure that everyone understands the list instructions, I'm including them, again. They're really easy. Above this paragraph, you'll notice three different addresses. Just send a message to the '-on' address to subscribe, to the '-off' address to unsubscribe. If you want to switch to the digest format, send a message to the '-digest' address. To switch back, send a message to the '-on' address. It's that simple.

Please help me make sure that any instructions are current. If you see any that don't match these, please send me mail, being sure to include the URL to the information that needs updating.

<> (referred to as the '-on' address) is the address that'll get you subscribed to Jensen-cars. Just send a message to the '-on' address and you're subscribed. Everything in the subject line and message body are ignored.

Shortly after sending a message to the '-on' address, you should receive a confirmation message from the server. Read the message and save it. The message contains important information ... such as how to unsubscribe, list protocol and much more.

<> (referred to as the '-digest' address) is that address to switch to digest format. Just send a message to the '-digest' address and you'll be added or switched to the digest subscriber list for Jensen-cars. Everything in the subject line and message body are ignored.

As with the '-on' address, you should receive a confirmation message from the server shortly after sending a message to the '-digest' address. Read and save this message. The message contains important information ... such as how to unsubscribe, list protocol and much more.

Keep in mind that digest issues are sent once per day around 2:00 am (Pacific Time) and are limited to 28 KB in size. As the server collects messages for the digest, it'll send out an additional issue if the collection reaches 28 KB in size.

<> (referred to as the '-off' address) is the unsubscribe address. Send a message to this address and your address will be removed from the Jensen-cars subscriber list. Everything in the subject line and message body are ignored.

You'll receive a confirmation message informing you that your address was successfully removed.

Real-time versus Digest
Sending a message to the '-on' address will subscribe you to the list in real-time format. That is, you'll receive each message individually as soon as it's sent to the list. The alternative is switching to digest format where you'll receive all of the day's messages in one or two large messages -- called issues.

Switching back and forth is easy. Just subscribe to the other format and the server will take care of switching your address.

Bounce Processing:
Every morning when I check my email there are one or more bounce digests waiting for me. These are collections of all the bounced messages from the day before. Bounces occur for any one of several reasons. Possible reasons include bad addresses, server malfunctions and full mailboxes.

I run these digests through a script that helps me determine if someone's messages have bounced for four days straight. If this is the case, then the appropriate action is taken -- switching to digest for full mailboxes and removal for all other bounces.

If you find yourself suddenly a digest subscriber and want to return to being a list subscriber, just subscribe again (see above for instructions). Our software is smart enough to figure out that you want to switch from the digest to the list.



When posting messages to the mailing list, please take a moment to make your Subject line count. Include a short prefix (examples below) to let folks know what kind of car your message refers to. A message about your CV8, might have a Subject: of "CV8: Problems with Starter". Here are some examples to get you started.

This helps people sort through the flood of Jensen mail and prioritize their reading. It also helps the reader understand what you're talking about. On a couple of occasions, I've had to really struggle to understand which Jensen the sender was discussing.

Use plain text, sometimes referred to as ASCII text. This means that you shouldn't use HTML for MIME formatting. Not all email clients can handle this type of formatting. It also makes a mess of the digests and creates larger messages.

[include instructions on how to turn off HTML/MIME formatting]

The list administrator of Firebird-L has set up some instructions on how to turn off HTML formatting. You must send an email message to his server to receive them via an auto-responder.
Send Me HTML Coding


Jensen Netiquette

[ Del Slavens has kindly worked up a list of Netiquette guidelines to help us all communicate a little more effectively and efficiently. - Sandro ]

The Jensen Mailing list is host to nearly 500 subscribers, many of them new to both the Internet and to the mailing list. The number of messages per day can easily exceed 25-30. To ease the burden on our numerous subscribers, the following guideline should be used when enjoying verbal intercourse over the Internet, via the Jensen mailing list.


Sign off with your whole name, car type (year and model), and location. This is so people who reply know who you are, what kind of car you are asking about, what continent you live on, etc. Your email "handle" doesn't tell us who you are. And often the header doesn't either. Info varies from country to country, model to model, and year to year. Besides, it's cool to know just how far our list reaches.

John Doe -- 73 INT 123-4567 London, UK

Always label the subject line appropriately. With so many messages, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume. Using an appropriate subject line helps people find your message easier. Similarly, if you reply to a message and end up changing the subject, insert a different subject line.

Be careful with acronyms and abbreviations. We're a pretty diverse group and might not understand your special shortcut. Periodically explain that SWMBO is short for "She Who Must Be Obeyed" and LBC stands for "Little British Car", etc. New readers are often at a loss as to our unique jargon.

On this same note, remember that we're a multinational group. Trunk = boot, top = hood, fender = wing, hood = bonnet, etc.

Use smiley faces to show intent. Email doesn't show mood or attitude. You have to let folks know if you are being humorous or joking with someone. Make sure you know that recipient is aware of the faces: :-) is smiley face, :-( is frowney face, etc.

If you don't like someone's comments tell him or her personally, one on one, off the list. Bombing the whole list with negative comments is how flame wars start and continue. If an individual gets enough negative comments he will know he erred. But it won't clutter the net, and draw even more negative messages.

It IS all right to offer alternative procedures or correct info you know is wrong. Just do it nicely. One correction is sufficient.

Avoid re-transmitting email to which you are replying. Instead, Start your reply with <John doe asked about JH Stromberg settings>. If you must send a quote from the original message for clarity, only send the part that is relevant, and leave off the header data. Ten folks responding to a question and re-transmitting the question put a burden on the net.

Especially avoid sending replies to replies to replies. It gets very confusing as to who said what. Exercise your delete key and remove any unnecessary portions of the previous message. Any message should be at least 50% new material.

Don't use tabs to delineate new paragraphs. Instead use a double-return. This makes for easier reading.

Ask questions if you don't understand something. If you don't want everyone to know you need help, pick an individual, preferably the original author, and ask them. We're a very helpful group.

Always remember that everyone is welcome to the net. All their ideas and opinions are also welcome. If their info is wrong, or opinion is out of line, feel free to correct it. Just remember that your info is yours, just as your opinion. Offer an alternative, but don't slam anyone for having a different answer. Having multiple options is what makes this system work.

Main thing to remember is that we are all friends. We all want the Jensen Marque to continue and keep our cars on the road. Let's play nice - it's a small sandbox.


Virus Warnings and the Such

Many of us receive and are encouraged to forward numerous warnings via email. These include but are not limited to the latest virus, disease ridden needles at gas pumps and how someone got billed a gazillion dollars for a cookie recipe. Most of these are just hoaxes so ... unless you can prove that it's true or, better yet, the warning is against something that does physical damage to a Jensen (the car), please refrain from sharing it with the list.

Some warnings are so ludicrous that they could potentially fall under the Friday Humour category. If so, make sure that they're labelled appropriately so that none of our members take the warning seriously.